If you would like to donate to GPA DELAWARE, please make a check payable to GPA-DE (GPA-Delaware) and mail to:

Paula Flynn
701 Cambridge Drive
Newark, DE 19711

GPA Delaware is a United Way agency.  Our agency number is 12337

GPA Delaware is also registered at Amazon Smile. If you purchase any merchandise from Amazon Smile and designate GPA-Delaware as the designated charity, we will receive .05% of your purchase from Amazon!

GPA Delaware is an all volunteer 501C(3) organization. All donations are tax deductable.

Donations go towards helping with veterinary expenses, transport of dogs and essential supplies such as Heartguard and Frontline. 
All of us at GPA Delaware thank you for your generosity!


The Paul Neaton Memorial Fund

The Paul Neaton Memorial FundPaul and Linda were long time supporters of greyhound adoption.
They, like the rest of us, fell in love with the breed and wanted to do what they could to help find homes for these dogs. They moved to Delaware just a few short years ago, but jumped right in to help foster greyhound adoption. Paul was involved with the film that was going to be made about "Greyhounds Reach the Beach" and was disappointed when the film making got postponed. He and Linda went out and about with their greys as often as weather and health allowed it. They looked forward to each October, when "Dewey" came around and they could chat with others of "their kind".

Paul died suddenly on January 3rd 2007 of a heart attack. Shortly after his death, Linda lost her "Heart Hound", Kit-Kat too. She has had such greyt loss in such a short period of time, but her "greyhound family" has been there to help. We expect to be there for her as long as she needs us.

Paul had made a request before his death that shocked us at GPA-Delaware. He requested that people that wanted to honor his life, give to GPA-Delaware in leau of flowers. It was such a shock to GPA-Delaware to be honored in this way that we were not ready for it. We are now (a bit late) and have a special fund set aside in his honor. If you would like to donate to this fund, please make a check payable to GPA-DE (GPA-Delaware) and mail to:

Camille Kozlowski
72 Danvers Cir
Newark, DE 19702

Please make a note on the check that the money is "ear marked" for "The Paul Neaton Memorial Fund".