WW Red Wine


WW Red Wine (aka Winer) is a tall, skinny boy (68 pounds) who raced in both WV and Arkansas. He’ll probably need a new name, as he’s not whiney at all….maybe something like Merlot or Chianti! He’s an outgoing, curious, wants-to-be-with-you guy who is ready to play and have fun. He is being fostered with another female greyhound and his foster mom says that he’d be very happy to be petted non-stop. (Sounds like every other greyhound we know.) He did fine with the test kittie when he arrived and would probably be happiest with an active couple or family.

Update: Winer spent an evening with a new foster family who has a skittish cat and he was very interested in her. So, he would probably do best in a cat-free home or one with a bold cat who will let him know who's boss. The test kittie was small but fearless and hissed at him when he approached her. 

Update 2: Winer is still looking for his forever home.  He's a very affectionate boy who follows his foster mom everywhere. He LOVES his walks and seems to be happy all the time. Winer is being fostered in Sussex County, so look for him at some of the local Meet and Greets there.

Update 3: Winer has moved to New Castle County and is now living with 2 kitties. He just needed an "in-charge" cat to let him know who's boss. He's being fostered in the city of Wilmington and his foster family says the city noises (sirens, whistles, trucks, constant people) don't bother him at all.  He's always ready for a walk and a new adventure!

Age: Almost 5

Gender: Male

Cats: Cat questionable. May be OK with a cat who will quickly put him in his place!

Status: Available