Super C Diesel

dieselSuper C Diesel (aka Baby Diesel) is a tall, sleek red brindle boy with very engaging eyes and a curious personality.  During the long drive from West Virginia, Diesel would often rest his head on the driver's shoulder to make sure the trip was going well.  Diesel had an impressive racing career at tracks in WV, Iowa and Arkansas and was a Grade A or Grade AA racer for most of his career.  He just turned 5 years old a few days before making the trip into retirement in Delaware, so he's a boy who is definitely ready for a slower pace of life and lots of ear skritches. Diesel is being fostered in Salisbury, MD, so expect to see him at lots of the Sussex and Salisbury M&G events.

Age: Just turned 5 years old in June

Gender: Male

Cats: Curious about the "test kitty"; being fostered with kitties so we'll see how he does after his curiosity settles down.

Status: Available