Kiowa Penalty

penaltyKiowa Penalty (aka Penalty) is a silly little girl who just turned 3 years old last month. She is being fostered with two greyhounds and a kitty and she gets along with everyone. She is happy and playful and she loves to raid the doggy toy box and throw her toys up in the air.  Then, she goes out for a run in the backyard and leaps over the flower garden like a horse over a jump in a steeplechase race. She learned to do stairs after only three practice tries and when she gets excited or know she’s going to get a treat, she pulls her lips back into a big smile.  Penalty has an overbite, so she wouldn’t qualify as an AKC winner, but she will certainly bring a lot of joy and fun into someone’s life.

Age: Just turned 3

Gender: Female

Cats: OK with cats

Status: Available