Han Solo


Mac’s Han Solo (aka Han Solo) is from a big litter of 10 dogs who all had Star Wars names. He’s being fostered with his littermate sister, Maz Kanata, and his littermates include Chewbacca, Finn, Rey, Phasma……..you get the idea. Han is still a puppy who won’t be 3 until March, so he is playful and goofy.  Definitely does NOT have the concentration or skills to pilot the Millennium Falcon. But DOES have the skills to empty a toy box or run willy nilly around a yard. Besides his sister, Han is being fostered with 3 cats and 5 older children/adolescents, so we’re pretty sure that he’s getting lots of exercise and learning lots of new games.  And don’t let the tucked tail in the picture fool you; this is NOT a shy dog. There was just an awful lot of commotion happening close by when he had his photo shoot.

Age: Will be 3 in March

Gender: male

Cats: OK with cats