Well Kept (aka Beamer)


Well Kept (aka Beamer) is another littermate of one of our recent adoptees – Ginger. When we get a great dog, we are very happy to be able to get their littermates as well. Beamer was a good racer, so he's a little bit older at almost 5 years old. And the benefit of that maturity is that he's a confident, happy, settled boy who would fit into almost any home. Beamer is quite the handsome guy and is currently being fostered with another greyhound, kitties, and five older (teenage) children. So, he's definitely a social, self-assured kind of guy.

Jan 18 Update:  Beamer is now in a foster home with another female greyhound and is ready for his forever home. He was only moved so that his first foster family could foster a littermate of their resident greyhound.  No problems with Beamer, just the desire to reunite littermates.

Age: Will be 5 in January

Gender: male

Cats: OK with cats

Status: Available